Audit and Risk Committee
Members: One Executive Member, Two Non Executive Members and One Independent
The Committee meets at least four times per annum whose main responsibilities are to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities. of monitoring the operating environment with regards to financial controls, internal controls, accounting systems and reporting standards, compliance with legal and statutory requirements, evaluation and the mitigation of risk areas and the effectiveness of external and group internal auditors. Additionally, The Committee also evaluates AfHold’s response to emerging risks, competition and its sustainability in the industry.
Furthermore, The Audit and Risk Committee recommends the appointment of Auditors, undertakes in-depth review and recommendation of the Financial Statements to the Board for approval. The Committee also reviews the External Audit scope and associated fees and makes recommendations to the Board for approval.

Investment Committee
Members: One Executive Member, Two Non Executive Members and One Independent
The Committee meets at least four times per annum. The main responsibilities of the Committee are to assist the Board in discharging its responsibilities in terms of the evaluation of investments for both the AfHold Group and the Client Funds. The Committee assess the investment risks, mitigation options and ensures that proper governance processes are adhered to in making investment decisions.

Human Resources Committee
Members: One Executive Member, One Non Executive Members and One Independent
The Committee meets at least 4 times per annum and is responsible for monitoring and advising on Group’s human capital management, approving the Executive Committee (Exco) appointments including recommendation to The Board for the Chief Executive Officer appointment. Additionally, The Committee also reviews and recommends to the board the remuneration strategy and reviews, succession plans and staff incentive scheme guidelines.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee “Exco” is set-up as a management supervisory body by the Board of Directors (“The Board (s)”) of any/all the AfLife Holdings Zambia Limited Group Companies (the “Group”) with the delegated authority to act on their behalf to ensure that the decisions of the Boards on strategic matters, business plans, daily business and operational issues are carried out, implemented and/or monitored efficiently by management and that the requirements of good corporate governance practices are observed.
The primary role of the Exco is to oversee the implementation and monitoring of the Boards’ decisions, to make decisions in carrying out its roles and to provide strategic guidance for the group as delegated by the Boards.

Muna Hantuba
MBA, BSc Economics and Business Administration
Group Chief Executive Officer

Muna Hantuba is a Director and Chief Executive Officer of Aflife Holdings (Zambia) Limited. He is a graduate of the Zambian School of Economics and Business Administration and has an MBA in Finance, Banking and Marketing from Stirling University in Scotland. He has over 20 years of work experience in the financial services industry.

Fortunate Ngatsha
Group Chief Financial Officer

Fortunate Ngatsha is a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (“ACCA”) and a fellow of the Zambia Institute of Certified Accountants (“ZICA”). She holds a Diploma in Accounting from Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce. Fortunate has over 20 years of work experience in the Accounting field with over 15 years in a Managerial position responsible for the Group and Associates’ financial operations. She has risen through the ranks from her entry position of Assistant Accountant under ZamAnglo and Anglo American Corporation.

Bryson Hamanzuka
BSc (Hons) Eng, FCCA, FZICA
Chief Executive Officer – Benefits Consulting Services
Bryson is a Fellow of both ACCA and ZICA. He also holds a Bachelor of Science with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He assumed this role in 2013 after he spent twelve (12) years as Manager Finance and Administration at African Life Financial Services. His past academic experience and current involvement act as a vouching platform for his credibility. He has held other senior management position among them, ZamAnglo Industrial Corporation Zambia Limited and Anglo-American Corporation (Central Africa) Limited.

Collina Halwampa
Head – Corporate Services –Benefit Consulting Services

Collina is a retirement planning enthusiast specialising in strategy development and implementation, digital transformation, product and market development, risk management and internal controls. She is a holder of an Executive Masters of Business Administration Degree from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Copperbelt University. Her academic records prove her eligibility and capability as a hardened leader. She is a Professional member of CIMA and a fellow FZICA. She assumed the role of Head of Corporate Services in January 2021. She also served as the Business Development Manager under the same company. Prior to this appointment, she was the Senior Pensions Administrator and consultant at African Life Financial Services Zambia Limited. She has also worked for Barclays Bank Zambia Limited, ZamAnglo Industrial Corporation and Anglo American Corporation CA Limited.

Geoffrey Musekiwa
CFA, MSc International Business Administration, BSc (Hon) Statistics
Group Chief Operating Officer

Geoffrey Musekiwa has over 20 years’ experience in capital markets covering investment research, portfolio management, corporate finance, business development and general management. He has worked for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa as well as banking and investment management groups in Zimbabwe and has extensive knowledge of African capital markets. He is responsible for driving the firm-wide strategy encompassing investments, operations, business development and stakeholder management.

Jonathan Imakando
MBA, BSc Accounting and Finance
Chief Executive Officer –African Life Financial Services
Having been with AFLIFE for over 8 years, he began as an Assistant Investment Analyst in 2014, responsible for macroeconomic analysis investment research, investment appraisals, and client servicing. He took up a role in Client Relations to focus on client servicing and ensuring that clients have an excellent experience with AFLIFE. He assumed the position of Deputy CEO in 2020 where he played a leading role in new business development engaging both institutional and retail prospective clients. He oversees the firm’s marketing campaign and drive to enhance the nation’s investment culture.